Let’s take a quick look at some tips you need to know about Penang, Malaysia. If you’re travelling to Penang, we welcome you! Remember to read our blogs about things to do in Penang, upcoming events in Penang. It’s free! Without further ado, let’s check out Penang Malaysia now!

1. Your next favorite cheap island

Travelling on a low budget and concerned about the limitation it might cause? Worries you should dump in the ocean on your way to Penang! Though not the best in terms of efficiency, Rapid Busses here will take your the furthest point of the island in less than rm3. Can’t be bothered with a fancy hotel? Penang homes too many hostels suiting your needs and privacy with the best price and reviews on TripAdvisor. Heck with a budget as low rm5 ( $1.25), be surprised at the options laid out to fill up your tummy.

2. Check-in with an appetite

A gourmet kaleidoscope reflecting Malaysia’s colorful ethnic mix – as well as offering delicious Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine, Penang is unparalleled for the diversity and quality of its regional cooking. Through migration and colonization, this island has composed some of the most exquisite dishes that is composed of flavor, flavors, and SO MANY FLAVORS. The trick to finding good food here are queues, stalls by the drain and that aroma drifting through the wind.  No Kidding!

3. Architectures rich with History!

The arrival of Chinese and Indians with the existence of the Malay culture, make for dynamic multicultural capital, rich in character and oozing a strong cultural heritage. There are British colonial buildings alongside Chinese shop houses, mosques next to Chinese temples, yet somehow it all works. Needless to say, the old town is certainly the heart of the city and is a UNESCO World Heritage site, but there is also a modern side, with shopping malls and skyscrapers, if you fancy a change of scenery. Simply put, a city lying on an island.

4. Street arts are wildly appreciated

While there are countries that have zero tolerance for graffiti, Penang embraces the beauty of it and calls it mural painting which works for the artist all over the world to leave a part of them here through the masterpiece,  brushes evoke through the narrow lanes, and on the walls of 19th-century buildings. Best time to appreciate them is the during the earliest hour free from the heat and crowd! There are even several maps to guide you along the routes to discover the hidden treasure. Check it out!

5. It’s one HOT island

Be prepared for the heat guys. Located a degree north to the equator, it’s fair to say Penang is as tropical as it gets. And being an island, its temperature is often higher than the mainland, with temperatures reaching as high as 35°C during the day. So time to ditch the long pants and turtlenecks for some summer dresses and breezy breathable pants.  Weather forecast according to the location of the island right here.

6. GRAB’ is your BFH aka Best Friend Here

No more days where we wait by the road hope to hitch a ride or taxi drivers slicing our throat with their rate using meters. Grab is only the easiest but in most cases the cheapest way to travel around the popular east side of the island minus the hassle. Plus with constant promo codes and deals, you’re hardly on the losing side